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Human Computer Interaction & Usability pays central attention to the design, evaluation and implementation of existing and future interactive (computer-) systems and interactive environments. Faculty members with the background of computer science, psychology, communication studies, design and information management work in the following research foci:

Mobile Interfaces Challenges of and possible solutions to effective and innovative human-computer interaction with mobile systems and services.

The field of intelligent and emotional interfaces studies the possibilities of enriching human interaction with different forms of "artificial" intelligence. A particular research focus is on the emotional aspect.

Ambient interfaces are an approach to embed ICTs as an invisible yet ubiquitous component in our every-day environment. The central concern of research is to assess the effects and potentials of this invisible integration from the points of view of the user and of interaction.

Social interfaces are a new development in the field of interface technologies which strives to facilitate social interaction between humans and computers and to create new possibilities for human interaction procedures. 

Contextual interfaces and advanced interaction technologies study alternative approaches and paradigms concerning special interaction tasks in various contexts and places of applications, for special needs in households.  

User experience methods and tools investigate methodological aspects and tools to support all phases of user-oriented development, in the research foci described above and beyond. Studies on the significance of user experience and its influential factors are to be particularly emphasized here.




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