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The Scholarship Page is a reference for all students (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate), that allows them to search for scholarships, grants and funds to finance their academic studies.

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Office of International Relations

The Office of International Relations of the University of Salzburg gives assistance and provides information on scholarships

  • for students of the University of Salzburg who intend to study abroad or plan to realize research projects for their masters as well as their doctorate degree abroad, and
  • for international students who intend to study at the University of Salzburg.

In cooperation with Erasmus, Leonardo, Joint Studies, the Austrian Exchange Service, the Österreich Kooperation Association and the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the Office of International Relations assists and gives advice to applicants for universities and the respective scholarships.

For detailed information in German and English please visit the homepage of the Office of International Relations.

Stipendienstelle Salzburg

The Stipendienstelle Salzburg provides information on scholarships

  • for Austrian citizens who study at the University of Salzburg (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate)
  • subject to the condition that students are socially disadvantaged and can prove the process in their studies by a certification.

If a student is eligible for a scholarship or not and the amount of financial support will be defined by the Stipendienstelle.

For detailed information in German and for download of application forms please visit the homepage of Stipendienstelle Salzburg.

Austrian Exchange Service
Österreichischer Austauschdienst | ÖAD

The Austrian Exchange Service (ÖAD) - Agency for International Co-operation in Education and Research - is the biggest non-profit service organisation in the field of international academic mobility in Austria. It fulfills a variety of tasks:

  • Administration and execution of grants / scholarship programs of the Federal Ministries of Education, Science and Culture (BMBWK) and of Foreign Affairs (BMAA) and supporting grant recipients and visiting researchers during their stay in Austria and maintaining contact with them after they return home
  • Administration and execution of various third country educational collaboration programs of the European Union
  • Execution and administration of the "Aktionen" "Austria-Slovakia", "Austria-Czech Republic" and "Austria-Hungary"
  • Providing information for foreign students and visiting researchers
  • Networking and Co-operation with other international (exchange) organisations
  • Providing accommodation for foreign students and visiting researchers

For detailed information in German and English and for download of scholarship application forms please visit the homepage of the Austrian Exchange Service.

Eine Welt Stipendium

The Eine Welt Stipendium aims at encouraging critical and ambitious students who are discriminated due to specific conditions in various countries. In particular women are encouraged to apply. The program is financially supported by the government, the church and by private funding of the Austrian Development Cooperation.

The scholarship will be awarded by a commission to students

  • who are citizens of developing countries (Non-European)
  • who are registered/enrolled at the University of Salzburg or the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg
  • who provide a statement of ongoing and active studies
  • who provide a statement about their willingness to return to their homecountry after graduation.

For detailed information in German please visit the homepage of the AAI.

FWF Der Wissenschaftsfonds
Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung

The FWF is Austria's main academic research fund for basic research. All scientific fields are considered and the activities of the FWF refer to the standards of the International Scientific Community. All projects undergo a one or two step peer-review process.

The FWF aims at

  • establishing high quality research to contribute to cultural, economic and societal life;
  • encouraging education and training by research since the encouragement of young scientists presents an important investment into our future;
  • improving the cooperation between science and the society. 

Due to these targets the FWF offers information about various scholarships and grants for students in Austria and for research projects.

For detailed information in German please visit the homepage of the FWF.

Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften

The scholarships of the Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften are only eligible for

  • applicants with Austrian citizenship or
  • applicants who have been living in Austria for more than two years previous to their application.

For detailed information in German please visit the homepage of the Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften.

Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie

The Förderkompass offers information on grants and consultation for projects in technology development on a federal level, a state level and on the level of the European Union for

  • students,
  • diploma thesis and dissertation projects,
  • and reserach institutions of the University.

Via a "search help" the respective grant can be found.

For detailed information in German please visit the homepage of Förderkompass.

The Researcher's Mobility Portal Austria
by the European Commission

The purpose of the Researcher's Mobility Portal Austria is to create a more favorable environment for career development opportunities for researchers by providing access through links to a selection of international (via the pan-European Researcher's Mobility Portal), national, regional and sectoral web resources covering:

  • Information about research fellowships and grants
  • Research job vacancies published by the different actors (universities, industry, research organisations, foundations, etc.)
  • Practical information about administrative and legal issues (visa procedure, work permit, taxation, social security, etc.), as well as up to-date information about cultural and family related matters (housing, schooling, day-care, language courses, etc.)
  • Information about the Austrian Research Landscape
  • Information customized for female researchers

For detailed information in English please visit the homepage of the Researcher's Mobility Portal Austria and the pan-European Researcher's Mobility Portal


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